`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1639 by desirenovel

Chapter 1639 The Secret Realm

The man in black tried to reach out and grab them, but the black hole had already vanished. He has a teleportation device? Who is that young man? The man stared into the empty space with a solemn expression.

Hailey had managed to escape. When he turned around, the man saw that his four comrades were locked in a death match with Autumn. They seemed to not want to let her live.

Autumn was already gravely injured, relying on what was left of her wits to defend herself. “Quickly! Over there!”

Just then, the mad scramble of footsteps and loud shouts could be heard closing in. When the men in black heard the commotion, they shared a look and vanished without a trace.

Autumn also made a hasty departure, dragging her injured body away as fast as she could. She had no desire to let anyone see her in this state.

It was only when both parties left that the Law Enforcement Department arrived at the scene, led by Xavier. Xavier keenly observed the wreckage and saw that there was fresh blood on the ground. His expression turned grave in an instant.

“Sir, they appear to have escaped,” said one of the officers. “Very well. Let’s leave.”

With a wave of his hand, the group dispersed. In the meantime, Jared used the Necro Ring to teleport himself and Hailey to the Deragon residence.

They shuffled awkwardly into the main compound, supporting each other as they walked. When the housekeepers saw Jared return in such a horrible state, they immediately alerted Godrick.

“Jared, what on earth has happened to you?” Given that Jared walked in dripping blood, Godrick could not help but react in shock.

After all, Jared was a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. How many people in the Jadeborough martial arts world possessed enough power to injure him thus?

“Prepare a room and send men to the Medicine God Sect for some herbs!” said Jared.

Godrick nodded and immediately issued his orders.

He even personally escorted Jared and Hailey to the room.

When they all entered the room, Jared waved a hand, signaling for Godrick to leave.

Hailey was dreadfully pale. It was obvious that her injuries were not mild.

However, Jared fared no better than she did.

“Where are we?” asked Hailey.

“This is where I live. You can relax and tend to your wounds here,” replied Jared.

Hailey looked at Jared with a conflicted expression.

If Jared bore any ill intentions toward her while she was recovering, then she was going to be completely helpless.

However, Jared was not that sort of person. A glance told him that Hailey had doubts, so he got up to leave.

“I’ve sent for some medicinal herbs. If it’s nothing serious, you should be able to make a complete recovery by tomorrow.”

After saying that, Jared left the room.

Hailey only let her guard down after Jared went away. She closed her eyes gently and started to focus on healing herself.

Naturally, the scarcity of spiritual energy here did not help much. Hailey’s healing speed ended up being quite slow as a result.

Jared made his way to the room next door and began tending to his own injuries.

At the Department of Justice in Jadeborough, the lights in the building still shone brightly in the dead of night.

Arthur sat at his desk with his brows slightly furrowed.

“Mr. Sanders, we’ve combed through the scene earlier. The signs indicate that this was no fight between ordinary martial artists. Jadeborough also has a clear stance on this. We have strictly prohibited fighting in civilian areas, so I believe that nobody would dare go against this rule. Also, the residual auras we found indicate that these men were extremely powerful. I fear that…”

Xavier trailed off, unsure if he should voice his speculations.

“Your suspicions are right. These are agents of the secret realm,” said Arthur gravely.

Even without Xavier finishing his thoughts, Arthur could tell what the other man was thinking.

“Who are those men? And why would they risk leaving the secret realm to fight in the mundane world?” asked Xavier in shock.

Arthur merely sighed and shook his head in response. “I’m not sure. However, there has been an uptick in incidents like this recently. I think that we’ll have a shitstorm on our hands very soon…”

While Xavier had no idea what Arthur meant by that, one thing remained clear—such a bloody scene was definitely going to make an appearance once more.

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