`The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1667 by desirenovel

Chapter 1667 Lies

Most importantly, Jared knew he wasn’t capable of reviving Chester’s daughter.

However, he had no choice but to say yes under Chester’s insistence.

Delighted, Chester ordered his men to prepare a spread. He also invited Jared to stay in his house.

Jared spent three days in the Gunderson family estate. During his time there, he got to know more about the heavenly realm and the secret realms.

It turned out that the secret realm was just like the mundane world, where the prestigious families and sects fought against each other to get the resources they wanted.

Jared asked Chester if the Gunderson family was confident of defeating Violet Cloud Palace.

However, Chester had no answer to that. They were in different secret realms, so Chester didn’t know how capable Violet Cloud Palace was and wasn’t sure if the Gundersons were their match.

It was hard to go to another secret realm and fought there as there was a possibility one might lose and die in someone else’s territory.

That was precisely why people rarely used Teleportation Arrays to teleport themselves to other secret realms even though the secret realms were equipped with Teleportation Arrays.

Chester also told Jared everything he knew about Warriors Alliance.

To Jared’s surprise, he learned that Warriors Alliance had already left the martial arts world.

Some demon spirits who survived the Celestial Battle were now controlling Warriors Alliance.

They might’ve lost their lives in the battle, but their spirits managed to survive.

The spirits borrowed bodies to come back to life to control the mundane world and regain their strength!

That was why the spirits were able to increase their strength without any limits.

However, the spiritual energy cultivators in the secret realm couldn’t stay in the mundane world for too long.

They could only appear again when the whole world changed, resulting in the revival of spiritual energy and the disappearance of the secret realms.

That was the only way for them to free themselves from the man-made secret realm that imprisoned them.

Seated on the most prestigious seat of the Gunderson family, Jared couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh.

The more he learned, the more helpless he felt.

That was because he realized he was just a nobody who could only go along with the flow in the heavenly realm.

After spending three days in the Gunderson family estate, Jared wanted to leave. The Gunderson family estate had an abundance of spiritual energy and resources compared to the mundane world, but he couldn’t stay there as he had something else to do.

“My Lord, please take good care of my daughter.” Despite his reluctance, Chester handed his daughter to Jared.

Spiritual energy was scarce in the mundane world, so he wasn’t afraid that his daughter’s body would rot there.

“Don’t worry, Great Elder. I’ll find a way to revive her,” Jared assured him even though he wasn’t sure if he could do that.

“My Lord, her name is Evangeline Gunderson. She only has one soul and one spirit, but after spending some time with me, she can understand some simple words,” Chester told Jared.

“All right. Don’t worry, Great Elder!”

Jared led Evangeline and Fernando out of the Gunderson family estate to return to the mundane world.

Astrid was filled with jealousy when she spotted Jared coming back to the Gunderson residence with Evangeline in tow.

I don’t understand. Why did Jared come back from the family estate with a girl?

“Jared, why are you so fickle-hearted? How could you bring a girl back home? Everything you said that night was a lie, huh?” she snapped unhappily.

“Ms. Gunderson, this is a misunderstanding,” Jared said and flashed an embarrassed smile.

Before Jared could explain, Fernando’s expression changed. He turned to Astrid and yelled, “Shut up! How could you speak to Mr. Chance this way? What he does is none of your business! Go back to your room and stop talking nonsense!”

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