When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2636 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2636

Avery: “I didn’t think you got up so early! There will be shoes later, and skin care products will be delivered.”

“Mom, there are too many…” Hazel was startled. She had never seen such a battle.

“You pick slowly, keep the ones you like, and let others take away the ones you don’t like.” Avery said, “The weather is too hot now, otherwise mom wants to go shopping with you and chat while shopping.”

Hazel Nodded: “Mom, I just need to choose two clothes. I don’t need a bag, I just have a schoolbag.”

“You can pick and choose! There are also more casual bags. There are also styles like your schoolbag. Your room has a big dressing room, and you can put a lot of things in it.” Avery whispered, “Hazel, we owe you a lot, although we want to accompany you, I will give you compensation but you are an adult after all, and we will not be able to accompany you when you go to University. So parents will give you material compensation, please don’t refuse?”

Hazel understood that her parents wanted to compensate her. However, buying so many things for her at once felt too extravagant and wasteful.

“Do you care about money? Mom knows your past life. It is not easy to earn some money. But the most important thing in our family is money. Your father has been on the rich list for many years. Before your mother retired, she was also in the rich list. It’s no problem for us to let you wear new clothes and bags every day.” Avery said, “If your elder brother comes back and sees that we didn’t even buy you decent clothes and bags, he will definitely take you to buy. Do you want to go shopping with your elder brother?”

Hazel: “……”

Although the eldest brother Hayden was nice, she didn’t want to go shopping with him.

The main reason was that Hayden was not very talkative. It would be embarrassing for Hazel to stay with Hayden.

“Then let me choose one!” Hazel walked to the shelf, and the staff immediately unwrapped the packaging bag for her to see.

“Miss Tate, these are the new summer clothes in our store this year. But summer is coming to an end, if you want to buy autumn clothes, I can have someone send you the new autumn clothes for you to choose.” The staff said enthusiastically.

Hazel was stunned for a moment: “It’s still summer!”

“That’s how it is. We usually have summer collections in spring and autumn collections in summer. Usually at this time, our summer collections will be discounted.”

Hearing that, Hazel’s eyes lit up: “Are these clothes on sale?”

“It’s on sale. You can pick a few more. According to the weather in Avonsville, you can actually wear summer clothes until September and October!”

Hazel nodded and began to choose clothes.

“Your sister used to like our brand better. Because the design style of our brand is more lively and cute, it is very popular among young people.”

“Does my sister not like this brand now?” Hazel asked.

“Your sister is working now, and her clothes are more mature. Our brand can’t meet her needs.” The staff member said.

“Oh…Mom, there are too many clothes, I don’t know how to choose.” Hazel was dazzled, so she asked Avery for help.

Elliot stood beside her, and opened his mouth, “You don’t need to choose, just buy them all.”

Hazel: “…”

Avery said, “Hazel, pick and choose which ones you don’t like. We will list the ones you don’t like. Take out some, and keep the rest.”

But Hazel thought those clothes were very beautiful.

“If you think they all look good, then keep them all.” Avery saw Hazel’s thoughts, so she took her to the other side to choose bags, “If you like schoolbags, then buy more schoolbags… You can also buy some small bags. It is more convenient to carry small bags when you usually go shopping with your classmates, or we go shopping together.”

The staff took the bags on the ground out of the box and put them out one by one for them to choose.

Hazel still couldn’t pick well. Because every bag was beautiful.

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