When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2638 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2638


When the news of Siena’s death reached Hogan’s family, it didn’t actually cause any waves.

After all, Siena was just a servant of the Hogan family.

After Siena left the Hogan family, no one in the Hogan family mentioned her again.

It was Cyrus Hogan who got the news of Siena’s death.

Because Siena returned the money owed to him.

“Dad, do you still remember the ugly little servant in our family? It’s called Siena.” During dinner, Cyrus mentioned this matter.

“Of course I remember. Lucas was nice to her.” Master Hogan glanced at Cyrus, “Why did you mention her? Did she look for you?”

Cyrus shook his head: “She’s dead.”

The atmosphere at the table suddenly changed.

Although they didn’t care about Siena’s life or death, they were still shocked by this incident.

“Why did she die? Didn’t she die of illness? I think she works quite neatly.” Mrs. Hogan felt a little unlucky.

She prayed in her heart that she must not suffer from any strange disease.

“I don’t know how she died. She owed me a little money. Someone sent me money during the day, saying that it was for her to pay back the money. Then she said she died, and thanked me for taking care of her before.” When Cyrus said this, his heart felt a little cold.

“Someone help her pay back the money? Who? Doesn’t she have no family?”

“Maybe some kind of charity organization!” Cyrus guessed.

At this time, Mr. Todd intercepted: “She also paid back the money she owed me.”

“Did the person who returned the money say she was dead?” Cyrus asked.

Mr. Todd nodded: “I also said thank you for taking care of her before.”

“I don’t know how she died, it was so sudden. I heard that she was admitted to the University of Thopiavelle!” Cyrus regretted, “I guess it wasn’t a disease, what disease happened so quickly? It must be some accident.”

Mrs. Hogan breathed a sigh of relief: “This child’s fate is not good. It’s fine if she dies, and she dies early and reincarnated early. So what if she is admitted to the University of Thopiavelle? After graduating, she still can’t find a job. Just like her, she will be a servant for others. Others will despise her. It’s only because our family doesn’t care so much that we will use her.”

“She is dead, what are you talking about?” Master Hogan suddenly lost his appetite, so he left the table.

Master Hogan thought that he hadn’t contacted Lucas in the past week. It wasn’t that Master Hogan didn’t contact Lucas, but that he called him and he didn’t answer.

Master Hogan knew that there was a time difference between Thopiavelle and Eozambiulle, and sometimes the time of the two sides did not match, but Lucas didn’t answer the phone and never said anything, and never called Master Hogan back when he saw a missed call.

Master Hogan was very disappointed.

But the heart was chilling, the son was his own, even if the son didn’t answer the phone, Master Hogan still had to call from time to time.

Like today, Siena died, Lucas definitely didn’t know about it.

Master Hogan called and wanted to share the news with Lucas, but he didn’t answer the phone.

In desperation, Master Hogan had no choice but to send a message to Lucas.

After sending the news of Siena’s death, about ten minutes later, Lucas called.

Master Hogan didn’t expect that it was Siena who made Lucas take the initiative to call.

“You said Siena is dead? What’s going on?” Lucas’s tone was a little hasty, and his voice was cold.

Master Hogan: “I don’t know the exact situation. It was your second brother Cyrus who said it. The housekeeper Todd also said it. Didn’t Siena owe them money before? The money was paid off today‚Ķ the person who paid her back said she was dead. It must have been an accident! Life is like this, I don’t know who will come first tomorrow or the accident.”

Beep beep!

Lucas hung up the phone.

Siena was dead.

She actually died.

When was the last time the two of them saw each other?

What was the last thing they both said?

Lucas couldn’t remember clearly.

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