When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2641 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2641

Hazel planned to buy a casual dress later, so it didn’t take up her sister’s work time on Friday.

“What are you thinking!” Layla glanced at Hazel, “Don’t you think that I will take up my working time if I take you shopping for clothes? Don’t think so, sister, I also want to take a break from my busy schedule and take a break. Let’s take a look tonight and come out tomorrow to try it out…Let’s buy one for each of us, and we’ll buy outfits.”

“Okay!” Hazel laughed, “Sister, you work every day, don’t you have time to fall in love?”

Layla blushed with a smile: “Why did you say this all of a sudden? Big brother Hayden isn’t in a relationship either!”

“Because you were applying for marriage around the world before, I saw the news.” Hazel gossiped, “Sister, have you recruited a better candidate?”

“It’s difficult! In fact, many people are very good, but they are not suitable. You are still young, and you may not understand what I mean…Because it is a global collection, many qualified candidates are from abroad. The region is first One problem, and Secondly, the two people live in different environments, so it is difficult to have common topics. Boyfriends still have to be found by themselves, and this kind of global marriage is not very reliable.” Layla summed up her experience of this marriage search as experience, and told her sister share.

“Sister, you can find it yourself! You are so beautiful and capable, you will definitely find a suitable boyfriend.” Hazel encouraged.

Layla frowned slightly, and said the plan in her heart: “Little sister, I want to move out, but I haven’t dared to tell my parents. I think I have been living at home, which may have a little influence. I just want to go home late Mom and Dad will be worried, so I dare not stay outside for a long time. I asked my friends around me, and they all think that if I want to get out of the single, I have to move out of the house first.”

Hazel didn’t know much about these things, so she didn’t dare to talk nonsense, but Hazel fully supported Layla: “Then where are you going to live?”

“I’m looking at a house recently. I should choose one near the company. Then I will live by myself on Mondays and Fridays, and go home on weekends. What do you think?” Layla told her sister her thoughts.

Hazel: “If you’re happier this way, then I support you.”

“Great! With your support, I won’t be afraid that my parents will disagree.” Layla said, “If my parents disagree, you can speak for me. My parents will definitely listen to you.”

Hazel nodded: “But sister, you have to be careful when you live alone.”

“Well, don’t worry! I will definitely be very careful.”

The car was driven to a designer clothing store.

The owner of the store knew Layla and immediately received them warmly.

“Does your store have any new styles?” When Layla asked, she led Hazel around the store.

“There is a new style, on the second floor.” When the owner was talking, he looked at Hazel and asked Layla, “Miss Tate, is this your best friend?”

Layla: “more intimate than a girlfriend.”

Layla knew that Hazel didn’t want outsiders to know her identity, so Layla’s answer was very clever.

When Hazel heard this answer, her face immediately turned red.

“I see that you two have been holding hands when you come in, and the relationship is not ordinary at first glance!” The shop owner took them to the second floor and showed them a dress worn by the model, “This is a new model launched by our shop this month. It was a genius. There were three pieces in this collection, with slightly different styles, but the overall style was the same.”

Layla looked at the three dresses separately.

Hazel moved closer to Layla’s ear and whispered, “It just so happens that we each have one piece, and our mother has one piece.”

“Hahaha! Do you like the style?” Layla asked with a smile, “The main thing is that you like it.”

“I think it looks pretty.” Hazel touched the fabric of one of the skirts, “The fabric is also very comfortable.”

That was a pink gauze dress with some jewels inlaid on it, which looked very eye-catching.

Hazel accidentally touched the tag on the skirt, so she picked up the tag and looked at the price.

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