When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2772 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2772 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2772

It’s 10 o’clock at night.

Avery rushed to the hospital, and after seeing the paper report, her excited hands trembled slightly.

“This is the donor with the highest matching degree with Eric that we have found so far. Although it is not a 100% match, the success rate is still very high.” The doctor said to Avery.

After getting excited, Avery calmed down and said: “If I can’t guarantee 100% success, I’m afraid of accidents.”

“Miss Tate, let me call you Dr. Tate! Even if the match is 100% perfect, there may be accidents after the operation. As long as you are on the operating table, no matter how small the operation is, there may be risks. Continuing to procrastinate will not do him any good. He is already the patient who has been using ECMO for the longest time in our hospital, and if he keeps using it, no one knows if there will be any mishaps.”

The doctor’s words made Avery fall into a brief silence.

Avery: “I need to talk to his parents.”

“You can call his parents. When the time comes for the operation, his parents’ signature is also required.” The doctor said.

Avery nodded.

When Avery got out of the hospital, she got into the car.

At this time, Hayden called her on the phone.

Hayden lived with Avery during this time. However, because Avery’s home was far away from the Dream Maker Group, he came back late every day.

He called Avery now, but when he got home, he found that his mom was not at home.

Avery typically awaited Hayden’s return before going to bed because he typically came home before 11:00 p.m.

Avery answered the phone.

“Mom, have you gone to the hospital?” Hayden asked sharply, “Did something happen at the hospital?”

“I found a donor.” Avery heard Hayden’s tone of nervousness, so she said bluntly, “It’s something to be happy about.”

Hayden breathed a sigh of relief: “Are you still in the hospital? Do you need me to go to the hospital?”

“No. I’m going back.” Avery said, “I have to tell Eric’s parents the news. I can’t guarantee that the operation will be 100% successful, so I don’t know how to speak.”

Hayden: “Let me tell them! No doctor can promise that an operation will be a complete success, and they should be aware of this.”

“Let me talk!” Avery finished speaking and hung up the phone.

It was morning in Aryadelle, so calling now would not disturb them to rest.

Avery had some thirst. Before dialling Mr. Santos’ number, she found a bottle of mineral water in the car, unscrewed the cap, took a sip, and temporarily reduced her internal anxiety.

When Mr. Santos saw Avery’s call, he answered it in seconds.

“Dr. Tate, did something happen to Eric?” Mr. Santos’s tone was very nervous.

Avery: “No. I called you because the hospital has found a heart that can be transplanted.”

After a brief period of silence, Mr. Santos whimpered, or perhaps it should be laughed, when he heard this “Great! Will he then be able to operate right away? Is it possible that he will be able to wake up after the operation?”

After Mr. Santos said these words, there was a sound of hurried footsteps coming from the phone.

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