When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2773 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2773 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2773

Immediately afterwards, Mrs. Santos’s voice came: “Have you found a heart that can be transplanted to our son? Is it possible to operate?”

“Yes! Dr. Tate said she found it!” Mr. Santos returned to his wife.

“Great! I’m going to pack my luggage right now, let’s go to Bridgedale right away!” After Mrs. Santos finished speaking, she hurried away.

Avery listened to the conversation between the couple and could understand their excitement.

“Mr. Santos, Eric’s doctor told me that the success rate of the operation is 90%.” Avery clarified the situation, “The matching is not 100%. It is difficult to find a 100% matching donor. As for Eric’s situation, it can’t be delayed for a long time, so the doctor’s suggestion is to have an operation. But the operation is risky, so I have to tell you clearly. Then it’s up to you to decide.”

Mr. Santos’s excited mood suddenly cooled down.

“That’s not what you said before… You said before that finding the right heart can restore him to normal.” Mr. Santos couldn’t accept Avery’s statement.

Avery immediately apologized: “I’m sorry. I lied. I was afraid that you and your wife would collapse, and I was also afraid of my daughter’s collapse, so I finished my words. But the 90% success rate is quite high. You can try it.”

Mr. Santos: “Is this the only choice? Is there no other way?”

“You can refuse. We will continue to look for a donor for Eric. We may find a donor with a higher matching value in the future, or we may not be able to…” Avery explained the situation, “I recommend surgery. Eric has been using ECMO for a long time, and I am afraid that it will be delayed to the critical value of the time limit…”

“I’ll discuss it with my wife. Don’t hang up. I’ll ask her now.” Mr. Santos walked quickly towards the bedroom with his mobile phone.

After a while, Mr. Santos told his wife all about what Avery just said.

Mrs. Santos hesitated for a few seconds after hearing this, and then expressed her attitude: “Since Dr. Tate suggested surgery, let’s listen to Dr. Tate! We don’t understand these things… If we miss it this time and we don’t find a suitable heart in the future, won’t our son have no hope at all? After waiting for this heart for so long, who knows when the next suitable heart will be found?”

“A 90% success rate is better than waiting to die!” Mrs. Santos added.

Mr. Santos took the phone, walked aside, and replied to Avery.

In fact, Avery had already heard what Mrs. Santos said just now.

After Mr. Santos replied to Avery, Avery continued to finish what he hadn’t said, “One more thing, I asked the doctor, and the doctor said that the longest survival time for patients who have undergone heart transplantation in the world is 30 years. The longest survival period in Bridgedale after receiving a heart transplant is 25 years.”

Mr. Santos was hit again.

“Even if the operation is successful, my son can only live for thirty years at most?”

Avery: “That’s not what I mean. Maybe Eric can live longer, or maybe not that long. Everyone’s physical fitness is different, and the degree of rejection after surgery is also different, so the time they can survive is also different. “

Mr. Santos was very frustrated.

Mrs. Santos listened to Avery’s words, so she took the phone from her husband.

“Dr. Tate, I know you hope that Eric can live a good life. No matter how long Eric can live after the operation, this operation has to be done. He will earn money if he lives an extra day. Like now, he lies in a critical condition every day. In the intensive care unit, although he is alive, I can’t see him, and I can’t hear his voice, I don’t want this anymore… So, let’s have an operation!”

“Okay.” Avery understood Mrs. Santos’s mood, “I haven’t notified Layla yet. I’ll call Layla right away, and you will come over together when the time comes.”


After talking on the phone, Avery dialed the phone to Layla.

Layla had just arrived at the company.

After receiving her mom’s call and listening to what her mom said, Layla’s calm face suddenly showed a rich expression change.

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