When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2775 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2775

Robert sent a message to Hazel.

Hazel quickly texted him back: [Dad and sister both sent me messages. If it wasn’t for the class, I would have wanted to go to Bridgedale with them.]

Robert: [I can ask for leave. But I still don’t go! I stay at home with you.]

Hazel: [Did dad let you stay at home with me? πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί]

Robert: [It was my own sense of responsibility that kept me at home.🀦🀦🀦]

Hazel: [Thank you, brother. But if you want to go to Bridgedale, you can go. Never mind me. I am so old, and I have a driver who picks me up every day, so nothing will happen.]

Robert: [That’s different. If I go to Bridgedale, I think my parents and elder brother will drive me back.]

Hazel: [πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚]

Robert: [You don’t have class tonight, do you? You have nothing to do when you go home, how about I take you out to play?]

Hazel wanted to say that although there was no class at night, she could practice pronunciation and breathing when she returned home at night. But she didn’t say that.

It was probably because Eric was able to have surgery, and her mood became particularly good.

Hazel: [Where are you going to play?]

Robert: [Where do you want to go? Where do you want to go, I will take you there?]

Hazel scratched her head, not knowing where to play.

During the summer vacation, she was taken by her family to play in Avonsville, but after school, she never went out to play again.

Robert: [If you want more people, I can take you to play with my friends. If you don’t want to play with my friend, we can play alone.]

Hazel: [Let’s play alone!]

Robert: [Alright! Do you want to watch a movie? There don’t seem to be any good movies lately. Do you want to see a concert or an exhibition or something? I can search online.]

Hazel: [How about we just wandered around the street casually!]

Robert: [That’s fine. It’s just a little cold outside.]

Hazel: [How about going home and staying at home!]

Hazel was still a little afraid of the cold.

Robert should also be afraid of the cold.

Robert didn’t wear much clothes in winter. He usually avoided being outside for too long during the winter, so wearing less wouldn’t make him feel cold.

Robert had an idea: [How boring it is to stay at home! How about I take you to Dad’s company?]

Hazel was stunned for a moment, and replied: [OK! But there should be no one in the company at night!]

Robert: [I’ll pick you up, we’ll talk when we meet.]

Hazel: [Alright.]

After the afternoon class ended, Hazel rushed out of the University all the way.

Robert’s car was parked on the side of the road opposite the University gate.

The reason why Hazel recognized Robert was not because of his’s car, but because he was standing beside the car.

The last time Robert came to pick her up from University, he drove a luxury car. After Hazel got in the car, she casually said that many people were staring at them.

Probably because Robert took her words into his heart, so the car he drove this time was not the luxury car last time.

Hazel strode over, got into the car, and asked, “Brother, did you buy a new car? I haven’t seen you drive it before.”

Robert stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out: “This is a car I borrowed from my classmate. Don’t you think my car is too ostentatious? I thought that our family doesn’t seem to have a car that is not ostentatious, so I borrowed it from my classmate.”

Hazel: “…”

Robert: “You haven’t eaten yet, have you? Let’s go eat first!”

Hazel: “Where are you going to eat?”

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