When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2778 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2778

The vice president knew that Elliot had gone to Bridgedale today, so he didn’t tell Elliot immediately.

The vice president waited outside Elliot’s office for a while, but Robert didn’t arrive, so he dialed the phone to Elliot’s assistant.

“Do you have Robert’s number? If so, send me Robert’s number.” The vice president said, “I heard that Robert came to the company. I waited for him in the office for a while but he didn’t come. What’s the matter?”

The assistant immediately found Robert’s phone number, edited the text message, and sent it to the vice president.

“Are you sure he’s in the company now?” The assistant asked.

“Director told me. He must have come!” The vice president continued, “I heard that he brought his girlfriend here. I haven’t even heard that Robert is in a relationship. Have you heard of it?”

The assistant said without hesitation: “No! Last time the boss talked to me about Robert, and said that Robert is not very good at handling private life. Oh, it seems that a girl came to Layla’s place last time, which made Layla very angry.”

Vice President: “Robert has a good temper, so he attracts girls. I think it’s a real talk this time. Otherwise, he won’t bring the company. Robert usually doesn’t like to come here. Before the boss asked him to come to the company for an internship, he would rather go to Bridgedale to his brother.”

Assistant: “That Robert brought his girlfriend to the company tonight, is it possible that he didn’t want us to know?”

Vice President: “The front desk recognizes him, and many people in the company know him. Since he brought his girlfriend here, he probably wants to show off to his girlfriend. Let’s give him face.”

After the vice president finished speaking, he hung up the phone and called Robert.

Robert brought Hazel to the cafeteria.

There were so many employees in the canteen right now.

Because the food in the company canteen was better than many restaurants outside, the employees basically ate in the canteen.

Even if they don’t have to work extra hours at night, they still chose to eat in the cafeteria before going home.

Seeing the call from the vice president, Robert immediately stopped and answered the phone.

“Robert, I heard that you have come to the company. Where are you now? I waited for you in the office for a while, but I didn’t see you, so I called you to ask.” The voice of the vice The president was very gentle, “I heard that you brought your girlfriend here, let me invite you to dinner! Don’t worry, if you don’t want to tell your parents, I promise to keep my mouth shut and I won’t say anything.”

Robert: “…”


Robert looked at Hazel.

Hazel was wearing a mask, and her big eyes were staring at the cafeteria window.

Robert guess Hazel’s hungry and wanted to eat.

“We’re in the cafeteria, so we’ll go to the cafeteria and have a meal before leaving.” Robert said, wanting to quickly end the call.

When the vice president heard that they were in the cafeteria, he immediately got into the elevator and planned to go to the cafeteria to find them.

After Robert hung up the phone, he said to Hazel, “The vice president knows we’re here.”

“Oh…isn’t he off work yet?” Hazel saw that the time was almost 7 o’clock in the evening.

“Maybe he’s not off work! He said he came to the cafeteria to see us, and he still wants to treat us to dinner.” Robert scratched his head in embarrassment, “You haven’t seen him yet, have you?”

Hazel nodded: “But it’s okay to see him. I just don’t want people in my university to know my identity. Because that will affect my going to university.”

Robert: “Then let’s wait a while! He should be here soon.”

Robert and Hazel sat down at an empty table.

After a while, the vice president, the assistant to the president, and the administrative director all came.

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