When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2787 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2787

After the two of them went out, Avery pulled Elliot out and followed them.

Layla watched the door of the ward being closed, and now only she and Eric were left in the ward.

She took a deep breath and looked at Eric.

“Look at the coat I’m wearing today.” Layla said, “This is the coat you bought that day. I’ll return it to you when you leave the hospital.”

Eric looked at the coat on her body. He was not much spirit. He was a little tired and powerless.

He should close his eyes if no one was in the ward at the time.

Digesting what his parents said just now had consumed all his energy.

Although he was very tired, he still looked at Layla with his eyes open.

“I’ve already told my parents and your parents. We’ll get the certificate after you leave the hospital.” Layla knew that he was weak now, so she didn’t intend to keep pestering him for a chat.

After she finished saying these words, Eric was like being electrocuted, all seven souls and six souls came out of his body, and he was severely frightened.

“I was just informing you, not discussing with you.” Layla watched him frown tightly, with a puzzled and shocked expression on her face, knowing that he could not accept it, but Layla had made up her mind and said, “You take good care of your illness. I’ll come to see you when you get better.”

After finishing speaking, Layla quickly turned around and left the ward.

After Layla left the ward, the nurse entered the ward quickly.

“Go back and rest!” Seeing Layla coming out, Avery immediately said to Eric’s parents, “Sleep well tonight, and come to see him tomorrow.”

Eric’s parents nodded: “Avery, thank you for your hard work. And thank you very much for guarding Eric in the hospital during this time. Without you, we would not be so at ease.”

“If it weren’t for Eric, my daughter might not be able to stand here safely.” Avery said, “From now on, we will be a family, so there is no need to be so polite.”

The two elders didn’t say anything.

No matter how they look at him, it is Eric’s blessing that Eric could be with Layla.

Although approved by the Foster family, Eric almost paid the price with his life.

But now that everything was clear, they just hoped Eric could spend the rest of his life in peace and comfort.

A week later.

Eric’s mental state had recovered a lot.

He could now speak, and his sleep patterns were gradually returning to normal.

His parents came to the ward to stay with him for a while every day.

Every time the two elders came out of the ward, Layla would go in.

But every time Layla went in, Eric would say he was tired and dismiss Layla.

“Layla is determined to marry you.” Avery saw the clue, so she talked with Eric alone, “I have no objection with Elliot and our three children. If you two are together, We will bless you.”

Avery thought that Eric was unwilling because of this reason.

Eric shook his head and expressed his thoughts: “Now my heart belongs to someone else, and I will have to take medicine to fight against rejection in the future, and no one can predict how long I will live in the future. The only thing that can be predicted What’s more, I won’t live long…I’m sure I can’t marry her. If I really love her, I shouldn’t agree to her.”

“Eric, I believe you know her well. She has made a decision, and she will definitely do so.” Avery said helplessly.

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