When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2788 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2788 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2788–“Layla is my daughter. When she was young, I had the obligation and responsibility to guide her and educate her, but she is no longer a child, and she no longer needs anyone to teach her what to do.” Avery thought out, “She likes you and wants to be with you. No matter how long you can last in the rest of your life, she has already considered it clearly.”

Avery said it clearly, and Eric clearly heard it.

After thinking about it for a while, Eric still couldn’t accept it.

“Eric, I know you are doing it for Layla’s sake. But if you reject her, she will be very sad.” Avery was in a dilemma.

Avery didn’t want to embarrass Eric, let alone see her daughter sad.

After both of them went through such a disaster, she hoped that the rest of their lives would be happy for both of them.

“Where’s Elliot?” Eric knew that he couldn’t make sense with Avery, so he wanted to talk to Elliot.

“You want to see him?” Avery asked.

Eric nodded.

“I’ll call him.” Avery took out her cell phone and called Elliot.

After making the phone call, Avery said to Eric, “He thinks the same as me. It’s useless if you tell him. Unless you can make Layla give up by herself.”

“If I can make Layla give up, I won’t tell you.” Eric was not Layla’s opponent at all.

Layla seemed to be very obedient and sensible, but she was also very stubborn.

Usually everyone depended on her, so it might not be obvious.

“You haven’t recovered yet, so you may be pessimistic.” Avery was comforted, saying, “In another week, your health will be much better. After you are discharged from the hospital, rest for a few more months, and you will almost be able to return to your previous normal level.”

“The doctor told me that I can no longer do strenuous exercise, nor can I do heavy physical activity.” Eric had already asked the doctor about his situation, so he resolutely refused Layla.

He couldn’t return to his previous state, so how could he bring Layla happiness?

Since he couldn’t give it, he couldn’t delay Layla.

“Yes, you really can’t do strenuous exercise in the future, but you have quit the circle, and it’s okay if you don’t do strenuous exercise in the future!” Avery persuaded, “There is no problem with normal life. There is no problem with jogging, as long as it is not severe, it won’t be a big problem.”

Eric didn’t answer after hearing what she said.

A while later, Elliot came over.

Seeing Elliot coming in, Avery immediately got up from her chair and said, “Eric wants to talk to you about Layla.”

After speaking, Avery walked out.

Elliot went to the chair Avery was sitting in just now and sat down. There was still her warmth in the chair.

“Are you unwilling to marry Layla?” Elliot also came to the hospital every day, and Elliot could see Eric’s attitude towards Layla.

Elliot should be happy when Eric rejected Layla, but he couldn’t.

Because Eric’s refusal would only make Layla sad.

Layla had been sad for a long time because she couldn’t be with Eric.

In the long run, Elliot was worried about Layla’s emotional problems.

Going through an avalanche was already a great psychological trauma, but now he has suffered emotional setbacks. Elliot felt sorry for his daughter just thinking about it.

He no longer regarded Eric as a man who came to snatch his daughter.

Instead, he regarded Eric as a…toy that could make his daughter happy.

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