When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2790 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2790 

    Hazel knew that Robert stayed at home with her out of a sense of responsibility. 

    In the past, Robert often ate out at night, and then played outside until 9 o’clock before coming back. 

    “Dad, they should be back soon, right?” Hazel asked. 

    When Dad and the others came back, Robert won’t have to look at Hazel every day. 

    “We have to wait for Uncle Eric to be discharged from the hospital.” Robert covered his mouth with his hand when he said this, “I can’t call him Uncle Eric anymore, I have to call him brother-in-law from now on. “

    ” Has the matter been settled yet?” The maid came over with a bowl of soup and put it in front of Hazel. 

    “It tastes better, try it.” 

    Hazel smelled a fresh fragrance, immediately picked up the soup spoon, and took a sip: “Well, it’s thicker than before.” 

    “Take the lotus root thoroughly. The ribs are boiled and melted. The taste of the pork ribs is completely boiled.” The servant smiled, “Your mom likes to drink this soup the most.” 

    “People in Bridgedale don’t eat lotus root. My mom can’t drink such authentic lotus root soup over there.” Hazel said regretfully, “But Uncle Eric is about to be discharged from the hospital, and Mom and the others are coming back soon.” 

    “Didn’t you just say that you wanted to change your name to brother-in-law?” the maid joked. 

    Robert laughed loudly: “He hasn’t come back yet, I’ll change my words when he comes back.” 

    Thinking that everything was going in a good direction, Hazel’s appetite whetted. 

    “Brother, I heard a funny thing from my classmate today.” Hazel shared the funny story with Robert, “My classmate found a door-to-door hair-plucking service on Big Sweet Potato. This is the first time I’ve heard of this kind of service. Do you think it’s funny?” 

    Robert was also shocked by this service: “How do they charge for it?” 

    “It’s charged per head.” Hazel ate with gusto, and said with relish, “If you have more gray hairs, you will be charged more, if you have less gray hairs, you will be charged less, or you can charge according to the number of gray hairs… .There are also people who count gray hairs. I really admire people who can come up with this profitable business, and I admire people who spend money to buy this service.” 

    “Hahaha! It can only be said that the world is full of wonders. There are many poor people. There are also many rich people. Many rich people do not have jobs. They are very idle. If they are idle, their behavior may become strange.” Robert analyzed with Hazel, “As long as it is a service that rich people need, so there are people who need money to provide services.” 

    “Well… I think there must be people who are curious about pulling out gray hair at home.” 

    “Would you like to try it?” Robert now had the psychology of seeking novelty. 

    Hazel couldn’t help laughing: “I don’t have gray hair! Brother, do you have any?” 

    “I probably don’t have any. Even if I have, just a few! This kind of fee is not easy to charge… Maybe it will basic service fee?” Robert finished his soup and wiped his mouth with a paper towel, “There are also those who chat with others.” 

    Hazel answered: “Chat with others?” 

    Robert: “Yes! Have you heard of chatting online…there should be door-to-door chatting.” 

    Hazel’s cheeks flushed suddenly. 

    “Little sister, why don’t we call for a chat?” Robert had never ordered any door-to-door service, so he became very interested in door-to-door service. 

    Parents weren’t home right now, so he could call in the door service to try it out and saw what he felt like. 

    Hazel was so scared that she almost choked: “Brother, are you talking about serious company chat?” 

    Robert understood that Hazel wanted to be crooked, and immediately explained: “Of course I mean serious company chat. I brushed it on the big sweet potato before. Yes. If we find someone who is good to chat with, maybe he can help us with our homework!” 

    Hazel: “Oh! That person should be serious…but your homework is so good, you don’t need others to help you with your homework!” 

    Robert was very playful: “Why don’t I call one to try? We can chat while fighting landlords

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