When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2792 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2792 

    “Mr. Foster, are you okay?!” The bodyguard supported Robert and looked him up and down. 

    Robert shook his head and looked at the woman who was kicked to the ground and groaning in pain. 

    “Are you okay? Shall I take you to the hospital?” Robert walked up to the woman, trying to pull her up. 

    At this time, Hazel heard the movement and came out of the house. 

    “Brother, what’s the matter? What happened?” Hazel ran out wearing slippers in order to see what happened. 

    Robert covered his face with one hand, not knowing how to explain it to his sister. 

    Because it really didn’t need an explanation. 

    He could tell what’s going on from what this woman was wearing. 

    He just wanted to find someone to chat with to relieve boredom, but this lady obviously didn’t think so. 

    “Uh…” Hazel walked up to Robert, and after seeing the woman on the ground, she scratched her head in embarrassment, “Brother, is this the one you are looking for to chat with?” 

    Robert pursed his lips helplessly, nodded. 

    “Why are you beating someone? What did I do wrong, you want to treat me like this? Don’t think that you can do whatever you want because you are rich!” The woman lay on the ground, thinking that there must be no way to climb up to Robert, so she simply blackmailed him and wanted to take money from him. 

    She checked this villa area on the Internet before coming here, and the lowest house in it cost hundreds of millions. 

    And the villa where the employer who asked her to chat with her was definitely not the worst villa in this community. 

    Because the yard of his house was bigger and more magnificent than the yards of the villas she saw just now. 

    she just didn’t know which local rich man’s house this was. 

    Looking at Robert’s face, she couldn’t recognize him. 

    The bodyguard had seen a lot of people like this, and knew that this woman wanted to extort money, so without even thinking about it, he planned to beat this woman up and throw her out. 

    Robert stopped him. 

    If this matter got out, even if it only got to his parents or brothers and sisters, he would definitely be scolded. 

    This incident would definitely become a scandal that he would be laughed at all his life. 

    “Miss, I’m sorry just now. My bodyguard didn’t want to hit you on purpose. It’s because I told you to let go, but you didn’t let go, so my bodyguard thought I was in danger.” Robert explained in a good voice, squatted down, and wanted to helpe her up, “Why don’t I ask my driver to take you to the hospital for an examination! I will pay for the examination and medical expenses.” 

    The woman knew that this family was someone she could not afford to offend, so she scrambled along and caught Robert’s hand, and stood up. 

    “It’s really bad luck at night… You just give me the money, and I’ll go to the hospital for a check-up!” 

    The bodyguard saw through the woman’s tricks and immediately said, “Mr. Foster, she just wants…” 

    “How much do you want? ” Robert interrupted the bodyguard and asked the woman. 

    The flesh on the bodyguard’s face immediately began to twitch, his fists were clenched, his finger bones creaked, and he stared at the woman with a pair of big, black eyes like copper bells. 

    The woman was stunned by the bodyguard’s stare, and she didn’t dare to ask for a price: “you have to give $10,000! My waist feels like it’s about to break, and I won’t be able to work for the next week…” 

    Robert immediately took out the Cell phone: “Okay, I’ll transfer it to you. But don’t tell me what happened tonight. If I see you talking nonsense on the Internet, I will find you.”

The woman opened her payment code, and said angrily: “Got it. I can’t afford to offend rich people like you.” At the end, she said, “You didn’t like me, did you? If I were more beautiful, You definitely wouldn’t push me away just now.” 

    Robert: “!!!” 

    Seeing that Robert’s body started to tremble, Hazel knew that he was angry. 

    “Don’t talk nonsense. We are planning to find a companion to play poker.” Hazel said, “Aren’t you a companion? Look at your current attire…” 

    “Little sister, find someone is all because of that thing…” The woman took the money, a little speechless and a little funny. 

    Hazel saw that Robert’s body was trembling even more, so she dragged him into the house. 

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