When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2794 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2794

“Brother, you are much simpler than I imagined.” Hazel felt that what happened tonight was very funny because Robert’s face was very red, she didn’t dare to laugh out loud.

Robert wiped his nose to hide his embarrassment.

“This shows that you usually play very innocently with your classmates outside.” Hazel concluded, “It’s pretty good. You are surrounded by very serious friends.”

Robert had already lost face, so it didn’t matter that it’s a joke right now.

“Dad has investigated all the friends around me. My dad won’t let me play with them if they are not serious.” Robert explained, “My parents are afraid that I will be a bad student.”

“University is actually a small society.” Hazel poured a glass of water for Robert, “But I think whether a person will learn to be bad depends on the individual. Some people will not learn to be bad in a very bad environment, and some people will degenerate in a good environment. “

“Then do you think I will learn to be bad?” Robert took the water handed by Hazel and took a sip.

Hazel: “Of course you won’t learn to be bad. No one in our family will learn to be bad.”

“Little sister, sometimes good and bad are relative. For example, bad people also have good sides. People who look good, in private There may also be a bad side.” Robert put down the water glass, raised his hand and touched Hazel’s head, “It’s good to be a man with a clear conscience.”

“Besides a clear conscience, you can’t break the law.” Hazel said, “Many bad people also have a clear conscience.” They all have a clear conscience.”

Robert felt that he had been taught a lesson by Hazel. But he didn’t feel unhappy, on the contrary, he looked at her differently.

No matter how well-behaved he was, he should always be, according to his parents, who he had lived with since he was a young child. But Hazel was different.

Hazel did not live in a good environment and did not attend a good school, but her thinking was more developed than her own.

The training of people in a difficult environment was incomparable to other education.

This deepened Robert’s desire to temper himself.

It’s weekend.

Hazel got up early and started practicing.

Hazel looked forward to the weekend the most every week since Hector Joly came to study with her every weekend.

The maid made breakfast and called Hazel to eat.

“Miss Hazel, your reading is getting better and better now.” The maid boasted as she brought the breakfast to the table.

Hazel blushed instantly: “Really? Don’t lie to me.”

“Of course it’s true. I can hear the difference. It’s much better than before.” The maid said honestly, “When you talk and when you use broadcasting, the voices are different. It’s like the voices of two people.”

Hazel: “Maybe there is a little improvement, you exaggerate too much.”

“Hahaha, I think you can become an announcer! Otherwise When your teacher Joly comes later, let him listen.” Of course the maid meant flattery.

Hazel had a pleasant personality and was often eager to assist in the kitchen. Thus, the maid favour Hazel in particular.

Hazel knew that the maid said this because she liked her.

She had almost corrected her accent now, and there was still a lot of room for improvement in terms of skills when reading manuscripts.

At half past eight, Teacher Joly came to Foster’s house.

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