When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2798 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2798

“Are you going to thank Hector?” Elliot didn’t think it was necessary. Because he paid a lot of tuition for Hector.

Moreover, the internship that Hector arranged for Hazel was a night shift, it would be nice if Elliot didn’t blame Hector.

Avery: “It’s not what you think. Because I haven’t met him yet, I just had a meal together. Doesn’t our daughter like broadcasting and hosting? Hector is a senior in this industry. My daughter should be very happy.”

Elliot: “Okay, I’ll arrange it when I return home.”

“Well… Did you say anything else to your daughter?” Avery was a little dizzy, so she closed her eyes.

“She is shopping outside with Lilly and Maria now, and she said that she hasn’t played with them for a long time, and she is very happy today.” Elliot’s voice was very hoarse, “Midnight host…how about watching my daughter’s show? we have to watch the show in the middle of the night…”

Hazel was going to host a show, and as it was first time so Elliot would definitely watch it.

“Don’t there be replays in general programs? You can wait for the replays.” Avery lazily said, “But it’s my daughter’s first time hosting, so I should send her to the TV station, and go directly to the TV station to watch her live broadcast.”

Elliot: “You go, then I will definitely go too. It is the first time for our daughter to go to work, so we should indeed send her there.”



After shopping around the mall for a while, the three sisters sat down in a tea restaurant to eat and drink.

“Hazel, you will come to play with us often when you are free in the future, okay? If you don’t come to me, I won’t dare to come to you.” Lilly took a sip of her drink and said, “Mom and Dad said that you study very hard, and I’m afraid that looking for you to play will affect your study.”

“I will look for you when I have free time. I have been making up lessons for the past few months because my ability is too far behind my classmates. In addition, my sister had an accident a while ago, and she asked for leave to go to Bridgedale for a while. It’s been a while, so I don’t have much time to come out to play.” Hazel replied sincerely, “I am very happy to play with you.”

“Sister Hazel, we also like to play with you! When you go to work in the TV station, our family will be watching your show in front of the TV.” Maria said with a smile.

“No need! I’m hosting a show very late. Don’t watch my show.” Hazel replied, “Besides, it’s very likely that some small accidents will happen to me when I host a show for the first time. If I let you see it, then it’s too embarrassing!”

“We won’t laugh at you. And it’s your first time hosting a show, even if you make a mistake, no one will laugh at you. I saw a video before, that is, many well-known hosts are hosting the show Sometimes, I often read wrong words!” Maria comforted her, “Anyway, no matter how well you broadcast, I adore you.”

“Haha, with your support, I am not so nervous.” Hazel said and changed the conversation, “You two are at college, are there any boys chasing you?”

Maria laughed, “My sister is so beautiful, many boys like her!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Boys who say they like me At least 99% of the people here are because they are curious about my illness.” Lilly said calmly, “I don’t plan to fall in love, nor will I get married. From now on, I will stay at home with my parents.”

“Lilly, as long as you are happy, I will support you in whatever you do.” Hazel said, and asked Maria, “You are also very beautiful! Are there any boys chasing you?”

Maria: “Yes! But I’m not yet 18, and my parents don’t let me fall in love before the age of 18. Sister Hazel, what about you?”

Hazel: “My parents didn’t say that. Probably because I said that studying is the most important thing when you’re studying! “

“Then do you have a boy you like at University?” Maria looked at Hazel with a gossipy face.

Hazel shook her head: “I’m not very familiar with the male students in our class.”

“Why? They don’t want to play with you?” Maria asked.

Lilly saw through everything: “It’s clear that Hazel doesn’t play with them. Hazel doesn’t have time to play with us, so how can she have time to play with others!”

Hazel: “Lilly, you really understand me.”

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