When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2799 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2799

Ten days later.

After Eric was discharged from the hospital, he boarded the Foster family’s private jet and flew back to Aryadelle.

After the plane stopped at the airport, Elliot sent someone to send Eric and his parents away.

After watching the car go away, Elliot patted Layla on the shoulder.

“Get in the car! We’re going home too. Your younger siblings miss you very much.” Layla came back to her senses, and said disappointedly: “Dad, he still hasn’t promised me.”

Elliot: “You didn’t force him now. Let’s talk about it when he’s in better health!”

Layla frowned, and muttered, “He’s really a deadhead. He’s dead.”

Elliot: “If he wasn’t like that, I’m afraid you wouldn’t like him so much.”

Elliot’s words were to the point.

Layla likes Eric, not only because of Eric’s own strength, but also because of his character.

Whether two people could last long and whether their personalities fit were very important factors.

After the father and daughter got into the car, the driver drove the car to Hazel’s University.

They had to go to Hazel’s University to pick up Hazel first, and then go home together.

An hour later, they picked up Hazel at Nantah University.

Hazel was very excited when she saw her parents and sister.

Hazel: “Mom, dad, sister, are you okay?! I miss you so much!”

Layla: “We’re doing well! Maybe we’ve gained weight.”

Hazel stared at her sister’s face: “No! Sister, you are still so skinny.”

“Don’t comfort me. Mom asked the nanny to make me some soup every day. The pants I bought last year are a little tight this year.” Layla couldn’t help laughing, “Little sister, how about you? How are you studying recently? With your classmates, do you get along well?”

“Everything is fine.” Of course, Hazel would not let her family worry about her, “I started to do an internship at a TV station during the winter vacation. Teacher Joly said that if I perform well during the winter vacation, I can continue to do an internship at the TV station until graduation.”

“I heard it’s a night shift?” Layla looked distressed.

“It’s the night shift first. If I perform well, I’ll adjust my time slowly.” Hazel was full of motivation, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m really looking forward to this internship.”

“Just as long as you like it.” Layla touched Hazel’s head, “If you love it, you won’t feel tired.”

Hazel: “Sister, you are so right.”

“Hahaha! Because I have a deep understanding!” Layla felt that the relationship between herself and Eric was like this, and her relatives were not optimistic about it, but she still decided to take a gamble, “When I get married, you will be my bridesmaid!”

Hazel’s face became hot: “Sister, when will you get married?”

“Within a year.” Layla had already made plans.

Hazel: “Oh, good. I want to visit brother-in-law…Eric during my break. Sister, you can go with me when the time comes!”

“Yeah.” After a pause, Layla explained, “Eric hasn’t agreed to be your brother-in-law yet. Don’t shout that in front of him.”

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