When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3086 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3086 by Desirenovel-Hazel took a deep breath and explained: “My mother-in-law used to work there. I want to go in and have a look.”

The bodyguard replied: “But we can’t get in, right? We need an access card!”

Hazel glanced at the security booth, then got out of the car.

Hazel didn’t go directly to the gate of the community. Instead, she turned to the vegetable market next to the community.

Hazel bought some fruits, asked the bodyguards to carry two bags, and carried two bags herself.

The two came to the gate of the community again.

Hazel smiled and said to the security uncle inside: “Uncle, please help open the door.”

Seeing the two of them carrying so many things, the security guard immediately picked up the key.

But before opening the door for them, the security guard asked responsibly: “I haven’t seen you! You are not the owners of the community, are you?”

Hazel: “We are here to visit relatives. We are relatives of the owner of villa No. 3-06.”

Upon hearing this, the security guard immediately opened the door for them.

After Hazel and the bodyguard successfully entered the community, the bodyguard immediately took the bag from Hazel’s hand.

“This security guard is too irresponsible! Anyway, call the owner to confirm!” The bodyguard complained.

Hazel: “Aaron, there are many communities here that don’t even have security guards. The security in this community is pretty good. When I used to work here, the security guy knew me. Every time I walked in At the door, There is no need to take out the access control card, he opened the door for me, which is very humane.”

Bodyguard: “Okay! Is the security guard you mentioned just now?”

Hazel: “The security guards here all know me from before.”

Bodyguard: “But the security guard just now didn’t recognize you.”

Hazel: “My teacher didn’t even recognize me, let alone the security guard. I used to have a big scar on my face… very ugly. Of course, I also want to thank that scar. It is the scar that made me I spent the past ten years in peace.”

Bodyguard: “Don’t say anything else, your mentality is really good.”

Hazel: “Have you ever thought that a good-looking poor girl is actually very dangerous in an unstable environment?”

The bodyguard suddenly realized: “Indeed. It is safe to be ugly. Is it your mother-in-law’s idea?”

“Well. Although my mother-in-law has never read a book, everything she said is very reasonable. It is my blessing to know her and spend that time with her. If I didn’t meet her, Maybe I won’t live until the day I meet my family.”

The bodyguard: “It’s a pity that people can’t be rescued after death. Otherwise, your parents will definitely thank her very much.”

“Um.” Hazel was familiar with the road, and led the bodyguards to Hogan’s villa.

“Miss, is this the back door of the villa?” The bodyguard looked at the building in front of him and asked.

Hazel nodded: “The back door is the door for servants to enter and exit. The front door is for the master to enter and exit. The front door cannot be entered without the owner’s permission. The back door is much easier to enter.”

After finishing speaking, Hazel added: “You wait for me outside. You can find a place to sit for a while. I will call you when I come out later.”

“Can you carry so many fruits in?” the bodyguard asked.

“Leave two bags and take them back to the hotel for the two of us to eat!” Hazel only carried two bags of fruit, and then knocked on the back door of the villa.

The bodyguard saw someone coming to open the door, and after seeing Hazel, he stared at Hazel.

Hazel didn’t blush and didn’t breathe: “Auntie, my mother asked me to bring it for you to eat. Our house lives in the front row. My mother and Mrs. Hogan are poker friends!”

Hearing what Hazel said, the maid immediately welcomed Hazel in enthusiastically.

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