When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3088 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3088 by Desirenovel-The maid: “I don’t know that. They didn’t say so much.”

Hazel: “Oh.”

“You even know Lucas! You know quite a lot!” The maid sighed.

“Because I’m about the same age as him!” Hazel said with a smile, “When he was just picked up, he hadn’t gone to school before! I’ve seen him before! Is he tall and thin? He always wear a thin coat…in winter, he doesn’t like to wear cotton jackets.”

“Yes! He is not afraid of the cold. I don’t see him getting a cold. Young people are in good health.” The maid asked Hazel, “What’s your name? I haven’t seen you before!” “

“My name is Hazel. Auntie, you are busy, so I won’t bother you.” Hazel added, “By the way, since Mrs. Hogan has a lot of troubles, don’t tell her that I have been here. These fruits Eat it yourself. Hehe!”

“You are such a nice girl! Come play again next time when you are free!”

“OK!” Hazel came out from the back door of the villa.

The bodyguard immediately asked, “Are you done talking?”

Hazel nodded: “My mother-in-law used to work here and worked with them for a long time. Although the relationship is not very good, they are not bad.”

The bodyguard: “You didn’t say who you were before?”

Hazel: “No. No need to tell them.”

“Miss, you are really a kind person.” The bodyguard sighed, “I can understand that you visit your teacher, but there is really no need for these maids to come here.”

Hazel couldn’t tell Aaron that she came here to inquire about Lucas.

“You didn’t tell my parents, did you?” Hazel asked.

Aaron: “No! They didn’t call me, so I won’t say anything.”

“Then did they call you privately?” Hazel continued to ask.

Aaron: “They called once. Yesterday. After you went to your school, didn’t you reply to their message? They called me. I said you were with your teacher, and they didn’t say anything.”

Hazel: “You didn’t tell me about this yesterday.”

“There’s nothing to say. I’m not talking nonsense.” The bodyguard replied, “You are meeting your teacher, not some messy man…”

“Then what if I meet a man who you think is a mess? What do you say if my parents call you at that time?” Hazel wanted to talk to the bodyguard first.

“Ah? You have a boyfriend here?” The bodyguard saw the clue, “You are in such a good condition now, why can’t you think about finding your ex-boyfriend? You don’t want to help the poor, do you? Don’t be stupid!”

“Why do you have so many brains?” Hazel frowned, “Didn’t you have a crush on a girl when you were a teenager? Anyway, don’t meddle in other people’s business, let alone tell my parents.”

Aaron: “Then you have to give me an excuse! I’m stupid, I won’t lie!”

Hazel: “If I go to him, you can say that I went to see my classmates. I have a sense of propriety. When it’s time to tell my parents, I will tell them myself. Anyway, don’t tell them from your mouth. “

Aaron: “Okay, I understand! Shall we go find the boy you have a crush on now?”

Hazel: “Do you have to be so direct?”

Aaron: “Why are you being so tactful with me? I’m not your brother, let alone your father. You are my boss, I will do whatever you ask me to do, and I will say whatever you ask me to say. Anyway, even if you mess with your…Parents are angry, and your parents will not do anything to you, as long as you protect me, this job will not be lost.”

Hazel: “Why is your comprehension so high!”

Aaron: “I’m just not stupid.”

The two got into the car.

“Where are you going?” Aaron asked while holding the steering wheel.

“I don’t know. The maid said he started a company, but he didn’t know the name of the company.” Hazel sighed.

Aaron: “It’s not easy… Don’t you know his name? Use his name to search the Internet! There are websites in Aryadelle where you can search for companies by name, isn’t there one in Thopiavelle?”

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  1. Thank you for the updates! It’s soooo exciting to finally read about the possible Sienna/Hazel and Lucas reunion. He’s the only one that treated her well. I was so sad when he didn’t let her see him off to the airport and they never saw each other again.

  2. Gracias Gracias por sus actualizaciones!! Están súper emocionantes, deseo ver de una vez por todas el encuentro entre Hazel y Lucas 👏👏👏👏

  3. K bien gracias por las actualizaciones de los capítulos…ahora a esperar el encuentro de Haze con su joven maestro Lucas …muero de ganas de leerlos

  4. Volvemos a lo mismo kisas otra semana sin subir capítulos esta novela se está tornando muy pesada justo cuando empieza lo bueno de Haze y Lucas …en fin haber cuando carajos empiezas denuedo a subir capítulos

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